Project Development

Project Development

GP Energy Management has chosen to focus its project development efforts on energy assets that both provide significant economic benefits to the communities in which they are located as well as improve the environment.  It is the belief here at GP Energy Management that it is not only our mission, but our responsibility and simply sound business practice, to aid our clients in building, owning and operating new and innovative types of cleaner energy facilities.

Power Purchase Option - Onsite Renewable Generation

Does your business, non-profit or university have a desire to reduce its energy costs or lock in long-term electricity rates? 

If so, you may be a good candidate for the development of an on-site renewable generation resource.

Utilizing GP Energy Management's services, you could evaluate a direct Power Purchase Option, in which you can have an on-site renewable generation resource powering your facility for likely no capital costs to you. 

Through our network of developers and clients, GP Energy Management can assess if your site is a good candidate for a Power Purchase Option and help to design a customized solution to fit your needs. 

In the Power Purchase Option, we will reach into our network of clients to find the right fit to finance, build, own and operate an onsite renewable generation resource for you. 

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