Energy Management - GENERATORS

Merchant Generation Services

For generators, GP Energy Management offers numerous ways to maximize the return on a variety of assets.  In the day-to-day management of a generation asset, GP Energy Management can provide day-ahead and real-time scheduling services, portfolio management and optimization, settlement tracking services, renewable attribute reporting and compliance services.  Through providing advice in negotiating long- and short-term power purchase agreements, expertise in the development of bidding strategies, access to long-term buyers of both energy and renewable attributes (RECs), knowledge of the capacity and ancillary services markets, and RECs/SRECs markets, in various regions, GP Energy Management can offer services and value creation solutions to renewable energy producers that fit a myriad of risk appetites.


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Maximizing Your Return

Portfolio and Risk Management

GP Energy Management will utilize a universe of utility, merchant and private contacts to negotiate bilateral trading opportunities, execute and negotiate favorable credit terms and trade terms for bilateral transactions, mark your portfolio to market, and provide daily forward curves for power and/or RECs/SRECs.

GP Energy Management can also assess opportunities in the markeplace for both renewable attributes and electricity as well as manage your Renewable Attributes portfolios. We can help monetize the Capacity and Ancillary Services associated with your projects as well as recommend operational parameters for PPAs or other off-take arrangements for the projects that will mitigate risk and enhance returns.

GP Energy Management can also offer the following:

Portfolio Optimization and Bidding Strategy Development

ISO Scheduling Services

Settlement Services

Collateral Management

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