Energy Management

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Many individuals involved in the physical energy markets have a wealth of experience in areas such as direct marketing, equipment financing and engineering; however, they are lacking the key knowledge base necessary to unlock the full value of their energy-related ventures. 

Without the breadth of experience necessary to navigate the complexities of the North American physical power and gas markets, many market participants are leaving tremendous value on the table. 

Our aim is to help our customers realize their projects' maximum potential.

Energy Management - Generators

For generators, GP Energy Management offers numerous ways to maximize the return on a variety of assets.  In the day-to-day management of a generation asset, GP Energy Management can provide day-ahead and real-time scheduling services, settlement tracking services, renewable attribute reporting and compliance services.  Through providing advice in negotiating power purchase agreements, access to long-term buyers of both energy and renewable attributes, knowledge of the capacity markets and RECs markets in various regions, GP Energy Managment can offer opportunities to renewable energy producers that fit a myriad of risk appetites.

Energy Management - Retail Suppliers

GP Energy Management currently offers a variety of services for electric and gas retail suppliers.  Those services can include a suite of procurement products, aid in finding long- and short-term procurement opportunities for both physical energy and renewable energy compliance credits, pricing, risk management and financial modeling.

In addition, GP Energy Management provides collateral management, settlement tracking and various back office and IT services.