GP Energy Management 
is an outsourced trading and risk management desk that offers Energy Management, Risk and Operations Management, Project Development Support and related services to clients in the North American wholesale, retail, and renewable power, natural gas and oil industries.

In addition to primarily serving electric and gas retail companies and wholesale interconnected generation, as a service provider in the wholesale RECs and SRECs markets, GP helps to create structured products and liquidity for voluntary and compliance buyers as well as renewable generators. GP Energy Management can help monetize the annual RECs and SRECs production of your home or commercial Renewable Energy Generator.

If your business or non-profit is interested in reducing its carbon footprint through Renewable Energy Credits, contact us at info@gprenew.com 


GP Energy Management Services For:   



Gas Retailers

Commercial & Industrial 

GP Energy Management White Paper Sept '16 - Seismic Shifts: The Future of New York's Energy Landscape